Unique effective body scrub – mask for all skin types. Blue, Himalayan and Tropical white salts rich in formula, with purest Energizing Essential Oils. This extraordinary Skin softening exfoliator is made with freshly crushed essential oils and tropical ocean’s salts. Ideal for Slim Shape Body Treatment preparing step. Skin softening results and eliminating skin impurities actions are visible just after first use.  At the same time, weekly use of Slim Shape Scrub helps get ridding body skin of pesky ingrown hairs.

2 in 1 Formula: Body Exfoliator – Body Mask


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2 in 1 Formula:

Body Exfoliator: Slim Shape Scrub does more than exfoliate skin, it also minimizes the appearance of cellulite and invigorates your mind and gently scents your skin with pure notes of Lavender, Bitter Orange and Mediterranean Rosemary.

Body Mask: If you leave it on for 20 to 30 minutes, this vegan formula will detox your skin, restoring skin’s natural glow and giving a wonderful smoothing skin looking.

How to Use: once a week, Body Scrub Home Spa Treatment: massage onto wet skin in circular motion over all body or desired area, then rinse it off.  Follow with Slim Shape Cream.

Slim Shape Scrub Pro Mask Treatment: once a week, apply Slim Shape 1 Fluid onto body target areas, then apply Slim Shape Scrub with few minutes massage, then leave a thin layer to skin and cover with a plastic folio. Leave 30 minutes. Rinse it off and complete with Slim Shape Cream.

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Weight500 ml


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