The secret of the skin is in its DNA. Glycastop is the most active skin anti-glycation concentrate formulated to reduce the look of age lines and signs of ageing. Collagen glycation generates a structural and functional modification of collagen, of elastin, resulting in a reduction of natural growth factors, influence on fibroblasts, loss of skin tone and elasticity, with consequent appearance of wrinkles and modifications in skin colour, genetic factors COL1A1 and ELN. GLYCASTOP fights against collagen glycation with visible firming, toning, elasticizing and skin brightening actions. Deep wrinkles are caused by mechanical movement repeatedly. These wrinkles are formed easily together with extrinsic aging factors like UV, pollution, smoking and so on even these wrinkles caused by mechanical stress, ideal to be treated with Glycastop Concentrate.


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World of Beauty Cosmeceuticals are the quintessential genetic cosmetics, that research, test and develop ideal products according to specific genetic profiles, which can influence the reaction to treatments activating the process of neo collagenases. The genes of the human body and skin react, and can change, according to different habits, behaviours, well-being, emotions and the surrounding environment.

DNADERM Concentrates, in association with the World of Beauty Cosmeceutical Akoia and Neroli Vivace Cream Formulas and the Jeunesse Recovery line, is the answer and beauty solution for those skins that do not respond to traditional treatments, due to genetic factors induced both by lifestyle and familiar genetic history.


How to Use:

Dull Skin types: AM and PM apply few drops to cleaned skin and follow with Akoia Ultimate Beauty Cream or Neroli Vivace Mythique Cream (sensitive and dull skin’s).

Uneven skintone: add 1ml of GLYCASTOP to 50ml of JEUNESSE RECOVERY CREAM or BLUE ROSE CREAM for dull skin, use day and night for 80 days.

Additional information

Weight10 ml


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