Charcoal Pro Mask is Botox-Like peel off mask ideal for antiaging professional spa salon treatment. Charcoal Pro Mask promotes skin neuromodulators to reduce contractions, providing skin a visible firmness and tone. It is a real powerful antioxidant mask, with anti-free radical natural active ingredeints, to slow down the aging process and prevent tone loss.


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This Ultimate Botox-Like Facial Mask is enriched with pure natural soothing mineral, toning extracts and Caviar, known for its energizing natural ingredients, naturally rich of phospholipids, phosphoproteins, natural safe retinol, amino acids , linoleic acid (Omega 3) and natural vitamins A, B and D. Charcoal Pro Mask is recommended for professional treatment of dull skin’s types and skin prone to premature ageing and lack of tone. The pure and concentrated botanical and marine complex acts as an anti-ageing and as natural moisturizing factor restructuration with a remarkable skin regeneration effect. Skin will appear more radiant, toner and more revitalized.

How to use: Mix Charcoal Pro Mask 1 with Charcoal Pro Mask 2 and 12 drops of  Dnaderm Glycastop Concentrate, stir quickly and vigorously during a few seconds to get a homogeneous cream. Apply the cream immediately to the face , prepared with Akoia Lift Mask and massage  (following professional protocol). Leave it for about 15 to 20 minutes. Peel it o‑ in one piece and follow with Jeunesse Recovery Cream or Countour Sublime Cream.


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